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Our sweet dog died three days ago. He was beautiful, forgiving, loving, joyful and funny soul. We will miss him dearly. My husband had the privilege of holding him and comforting him in the still darkness as our dear friend made his transition.

The following is a beautiful “explanation” of what happens when an animal’s soul is released to the universe. It was written by a dear longtime friend. This is what he wrote:


Hearing your teacher talk about his death is bound to vibrate something way down within you.  Birth and life let us know that ‘we are’, but death teaches us ‘what’ we are.  As mike pointed out there is a lot of talk about birth in this field, but my personal involvement with craniosacral work arose out of death. Ten years ago I was walking in the woods near my grandfather’s cabin in the Pocono Mountains when I came upon a clearing.  A small brown mouse was resting on a patch of dirt in the middle and something drew me towards her. I approached as slowly as I could until I was kneeling just an arm’s length away feeling very surprised that she hadn’t run off. 

I felt a connection form between us, and when I reached out to gently stroke her forehead she allowed me.

After some time, I picked her up and placed her in my open palm. Although she got a bit excited, moving around in circles and sniffing my fingers, she didn’t seem to object in any way. Her tiny feet and nose tickled my skin as I carried her back to the cabin. She looked at me curiously as we swayed together on the rocking chair on the porch, and then she seemed to settle down again, resting quietly. That was when it dawned on me that she was dying.

I simply sat with her in stillness, bearing witness to her life. As time passed I became aware that I could feel the energy within and around her small body. I was very aware of the movement of her breathing, particularly as she approached the end and it became labored. But I was equally aware that her energy was also breathing – very very slowly – expanding outwards for about a minute, and then receding back inwards for another minute or so. Through the feeling of that energy breath I could feel her appreciation of my being present there with her. And after about an hour, when she finally made one great last gesture with her arm and rib cage, she breathed her last breath…

…but she was still there. The slow breathing of her energy field continued, undiminished, even after her respiration and pulse had ceased – what I now recognize as ‘the long tide’. True to its name, it continued for a VERY long time! We remained there together in deep contact and presence, and it was abundantly clear that the absence of the body-processes was irrelevant to her Being-ness. Finally ‘something happened’; there was a shift of some sort and her energy separated from the body, and then slowly floated upwards, through the trees and towards the sky.

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October 2020
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