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Conquering the Blank Page

Conquering the Blank Page

Like many writers I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the art of writing. I’ve been writing and even identified myself as a writer since I was about seven. It was a label that fit me well and which gave me an identity throughout my childhood, through high school and college and now as a professional. But while I suppose I always wanted to be a creative writer or, more specifically, a novelist, I’ve been needing to challenge the origin of this desire. Where was this idea born? Did I want to be a writer, or did a have a story that I was burning to tell? Maybe my early journalistic instincts should have been cultivated more? Perhaps I should have explored poetry further or committed to an unpredictable life as a screenwriter? Did I believe in the starving artist myth? Or would writing press releases and feature articles and marketing copy be the beginning and the end of any writing career that I had dreamed for myself?

The journey to the frontier of the mind and soul can come in the form of song lyrics or essays– blog posts or short stories. Suffice it to say that my life as a writer can now only be defined by a willingness to let go of any stories (pardon the pun) I’ve created about what it is to be a writer. I can say now that working in your full potential can be very prosperous. And being less concerned about living an occupation as opposed to the creation itself is critical in coming into your truth as an artist.

That said, I’m experimenting with the idea of getting out of my own way– my own ego– during the writing process itself. So, let’s hear it for “channel writing.”

Here’s the small version written by Merryn Jose:

Below is a simple ten step method that will help to release this ability. You will remain completely conscious of what you are writing while allowing your creative inspiration to enter and flow freely – being able to stop at any given time.

1. Have everything at the ready paper, pen/pencil.

2. Light a candle. Say a little prayer or affirmation and ask for Divine Guidance to inspire and protect you. You can address this to The Source, Personal Guides or to your higher self if you wish.

3. Sit in a comfortable position and listen to a meditation tape of your choice this begins to calm the nervous system and slow down the beta activity of the brain.

4. Now enter into meditation by concentrating on your breathing and slowing it down very gently to activate the alpha state which acts as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.

5. When you feel ready, have a symbol that you will always use to start the writing (i.e. an open door, a cross within a circle), Select a symbol that is very personal to you.

6. Activate the writing. Now you have attuned and prepared yourself, there are numerous ways to activate the writing. Forms of activation may be the personal significance behind: (a) A recent dream (b) a particular symbol in that dream or (c) the formulation of any question.

7. Quietly listen. The words may be heard telepathically. Begin to write, do NOT edit or evaluate. Write the first words that come to mind. Keep writing until you feel you have finished.

8. Sit quietly afterwards and give thanks for the information you have received. If you have used the symbol of the open door, make sure you close it when you have finished writing. This prevents unwanted ideas and thoughts from flooding your brain. Always remember you are in control and can start and stop whenever you please.

9. Try not to read what you have written for a certain length of time – anything from a week to a month.

10. Finally, keep a writing journal to keep track of your progress.

These steps are the most effective way I know to erase the fear of writer’s block. The next time you find yourself staring at a blank page, remember these ten steps and know that there exists a spiritual/meditative process which can help awaken any literary muse.

October 2020
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