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Conquering the Blank Page

Conquering the Blank Page

Like many writers I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the art of writing. I’ve been writing and even identified myself as a writer since I was about seven. It was a label that fit me well and which gave me an identity throughout my childhood, through high school and college and now as a professional. But while I suppose I always wanted to be a creative writer or, more specifically, a novelist, I’ve been needing to challenge the origin of this desire. Where was this idea born? Did I want to be a writer, or did a have a story that I was burning to tell? Maybe my early journalistic instincts should have been cultivated more? Perhaps I should have explored poetry further or committed to an unpredictable life as a screenwriter? Did I believe in the starving artist myth? Or would writing press releases and feature articles and marketing copy be the beginning and the end of any writing career that I had dreamed for myself?

The journey to the frontier of the mind and soul can come in the form of song lyrics or essays– blog posts or short stories. Suffice it to say that my life as a writer can now only be defined by a willingness to let go of any stories (pardon the pun) I’ve created about what it is to be a writer. I can say now that working in your full potential can be very prosperous. And being less concerned about living an occupation as opposed to the creation itself is critical in coming into your truth as an artist.

That said, I’m experimenting with the idea of getting out of my own way– my own ego– during the writing process itself. So, let’s hear it for “channel writing.”

Here’s the small version written by Merryn Jose:

Below is a simple ten step method that will help to release this ability. You will remain completely conscious of what you are writing while allowing your creative inspiration to enter and flow freely – being able to stop at any given time.

1. Have everything at the ready paper, pen/pencil.

2. Light a candle. Say a little prayer or affirmation and ask for Divine Guidance to inspire and protect you. You can address this to The Source, Personal Guides or to your higher self if you wish.

3. Sit in a comfortable position and listen to a meditation tape of your choice this begins to calm the nervous system and slow down the beta activity of the brain.

4. Now enter into meditation by concentrating on your breathing and slowing it down very gently to activate the alpha state which acts as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.

5. When you feel ready, have a symbol that you will always use to start the writing (i.e. an open door, a cross within a circle), Select a symbol that is very personal to you.

6. Activate the writing. Now you have attuned and prepared yourself, there are numerous ways to activate the writing. Forms of activation may be the personal significance behind: (a) A recent dream (b) a particular symbol in that dream or (c) the formulation of any question.

7. Quietly listen. The words may be heard telepathically. Begin to write, do NOT edit or evaluate. Write the first words that come to mind. Keep writing until you feel you have finished.

8. Sit quietly afterwards and give thanks for the information you have received. If you have used the symbol of the open door, make sure you close it when you have finished writing. This prevents unwanted ideas and thoughts from flooding your brain. Always remember you are in control and can start and stop whenever you please.

9. Try not to read what you have written for a certain length of time – anything from a week to a month.

10. Finally, keep a writing journal to keep track of your progress.

These steps are the most effective way I know to erase the fear of writer’s block. The next time you find yourself staring at a blank page, remember these ten steps and know that there exists a spiritual/meditative process which can help awaken any literary muse.

Russell Forsyth is a healer, medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner. I recently spoke to Russell about his path, his work and the possibilities of listening to your personal guidance system.

CL: What is the primary focus of your practice, and how did you choose this line of work?

RF: I consider myself a healer-helper. Everyone has the natural ability to heal themselves. I try to empower them with that energy to release old patterns, blocks and anything that is not in alignment with their current beliefs, goals and health practices. My primary focus is on the chakra or ‘energy centers’ of the human body. Most emotional, physical and spiritual conditions that are considered unhealthy can be traced from these centers. I was a carpenter/contractor for thirty years, until I asked Spirit and the Universe to guide me into my encore career in service to others. My construction work started to phase out, while my readings increased. I feel like the work chose me.

CL: What happens in a typical Angel Therapy session?

RF: I am usually guided to ask a series of questions designed to allow the client to openly express themselves in a safe environment. These expressions usually unveil the feelings of the heart and uncover basic needs of the individual. From that information, I am usually guided to do energy work and/or deliver messages from the angels that are directed toward a spiritual overview. Some sessions are without the message aspect and geared toward energy movement with a heavy focus on the chakra system.

CL: Are you seeing an increase or a decrease in interest surrounding connecting with angels and guides? Who is your typical client?

RF: The latest events in the world have more people seeking answers from a spiritual source. My business increases with fears and worries about the economy and the global environment. People are going back to some basics of life with more focus on health, career and finances with interest in the future. My typical client is a professional and I see doctors, lawyers, politicians, musicians, engineers and your typical Austinite. I also have people that travel some distance to see me. So in a typical day I might see people from Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. But sometimes I might see someone from Germany or South Africa as well.

CL: You have created a unique healing modality called the Harmonic Crystal Healing Bed. How did that come about and what benefits does it offer?

RF: It is a long story, but basically I started receiving guidance from the angels and ended up with a 10K word document journal with a complete description of the construction of the bed. After months of asembly, I studied the components and discovered the science behind the crystal bed. I was never into crystals before, but have since gained quite a appreciation for their healing benefits. The crystal bed used sound, light, color, magnets, crystals and an angelic gateway to do everything from releasing an emotion to working with the worst physical ailments such as cancer or heart disease. The number one response from a session on the Harmonic Crystal Healing Bed® is an overwhelming feeling of peace.

CL: Can anyone hear guidance from angels or guides? How do they communicate?

RF: Yes, they communicate through the “claire” senses which everybody has. Clairvoyance is one that most people have heard about and this is the sense of vision. You can receive a message from the angels in the form of a vision in the mind’s eye, such as a dream or a waking vision.This is one of several ways to connect. Angels and guides use signs such as feathers, coins, jewelry, and electrical devices to get our attention. They often use repetitive symbols and metaphors as a way to message a feeling or illicit a response. Our guides will not meddle in our affairs under normal circumstances, so we need to engage in asking for their help as a way to start the connection process.

CL: What are the differences between angels and guides?

RF: Some people make no distinction, but to me a guide is usually someone that has walked the earth plane in some form, while the angels generally have never had that experience. An Ascended Master such as Quan Yin would be a good example of a guide while Archangel Michael is one angel that many have heard of. My clients connect with guides such as deceased loved ones, ascended masters, shamans, fairies, elementals and even star beings, so there are a lot of choices when choosing to connect with a alternate source. The other side of the veil has many options for those seeking an unearthly form of support. Others believe the guides are all one flow in the same energy, and it is mankind that chooses to separate and name these sources. I try to align myself with an individual’s belief in order to do energy work without imprinting my own beleifs.

CL: There is certainly a psychic element to this work. Are you psychic, and what does that term mean to you?

RF: Everyone is psychic! I have exercised and developed my senses in order to do this work, but everyone has gifts and it is up to each of us to decide how far we want to develop these gifts. There are many who have experienced past lives and witnessed the evolution of mankind. This past is filled with many harsh events that can have a lasting effect on people even in today’s world and spell danger for some. This can be a block and prevent people from opening to these gifts. Others feel that using psychic gifts goes against their belief systems. I feel like there is no elitism in this area and we are all equal. Some have not discovered this about themselves. Psychic awareness is on the increase in today’s world and to witness this is relatively easy, especially in the technological arena of the modern society.

CL: You’ve also entered the world of mediumship. There are a lot of misconceptions about mediums and what they do. Can you clear up a few of the more common misconceptions?

RF: When I started doing angel readings, deceased loved ones started coming forward in my sessions. I went for additional training in this area and now teach mediumship in workshops. If someone you knew walked into your room and your eyes were closed, you would then be left to feel the energy of that person in order to identify them. Connecting with the deceased is not much different. A medium has learned to take that ability to the next level. Using the “claire” senses and trusting yourself is the key, but you are simply connecting with someone that is not in the physical body. In all the work that I do, I have witnessed the most dramatic changes and healing through a medium session. Wrinkles disappear, the eyes get brighter, the face shines with a glow and the energy around that person gets lighter. The sessions are quite different from others, in that the deceased loved one is a person with free will and therefore dictates the session. You never know what will happen and that makes it interesting and exciting! Some religions have demonized this type of work and Hollywood has done their share to raise fears in this area. My experiences have been filled with love and compassion without the energy of fear and evil like some would have you think. Unfortunately our history is filled with abuse within the family structure and one opportunity to deliver a message of forgiveness makes the life of a medium very fullfilling. There are some who have given the work a bad name, while some people have had negative experiences engaging in the activity, so there are many misconceptions. My suggestion for those considering using a medium for the first time would be to talk with friends to find a referral to someone that has had success in the past. If you go to a medium, limit your expectations and open to the experience for the best results with the idea that people are people…….in the body or not(lol).

CL: Who has inspired you the most in your work?

RF: Dr. Doreen Virtue, John Edward and Dr. Marcel Vogel.

CL: Could you recommend three books for someone just beginning to learn about receiving guidance to help with life purpose, relationships, spiritual development, prosperity, etc.?

RF: I recommend books that I find resonantion with the majority of the writing. I rarely find one that I agree 100%. I would recommend Doreen Virtue’s Angels 101 or The Lighworkers Way, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth and anything from the Abraham-Hicks collection .

CL: In addition to your healing practice, you are a musician and author. How have these three passions intersected and what are your future plans for writing and producing music?

RF: Since changing careers and life paths which occurred in April ’06, I have written 4 books and am 75% complete with two more (I never considerd myself a writer). I have completed a 16 song CD project and am getting ready to record another CD in January. I write a weekly colum called ‘Angel Whipsers’ and have been filmed for a pilot show on the work that I do that is currently being presented to TV networks. I often integrate the use of my books and music for teaching workshops as channeled writing and music is a connnection to Spirit. I was passionate before my shift occurred, but the creative energy exploded when I dropped all my past hurts, forgave myself and those around me and openeed to what the Universe had to offer. I simply made the choice to create beauty, ease suffering and bring joy into the world around me. My future plans are all-inclusive of these passions, for together they bring balance, grounding and harmony to my own peacful existence. The positive experiences of others when exposed to these artistc mediums is icing on the cake!

For more information about Russell Forsyth, please visit His latest novel is Mariposa and his most recent CD is titled One Thing.

Jackie Gaston is a healer and teacher based in Austin, TX. I recently asked Jackie about her work, and its connection to creating balance and well-being in all areas of our lives.

CL: For people who are wondering why they are “stuck” in certain emotional or mental patterns, is there any physical explanation for that? If so, what can be done about that?
JG: This is a good question in that it seems to start with the assumption that there is a division between the mental, the emotional and the physical.  This is a view that has been held in western thought since Descartes hypothezied that thought equals being.  William Blake said that the body is the soul as perceived by the senses and I feel this is more accurate.  The question also addresses a state that we all experience from time to time.  The feeling of being “stuck” seems to be an unavoidable part of the human experience. I think it is more useful to look at this state in terms of what it may be telling us rather than as something that we need to do something about.  Why are we feeling stuck?  What is going on in  life that is allowing this feeling to be present at this time?  After these factors are identified, we can begin to take action to either change or accept them.  Doing this usually results in an awareness of the choices we are making and a feeling of more control in life.  Stuckness can’t stay around when we feel we are in control.
CL: What are some of the more powerful modalities that can assist people in attaining a greater sense of well-being?
JG: Sometimes old conditions set up shop in the body and are little bit slow to leave.  A simplified example is a period of time after a sore foot has healed when you still find yourself limping from time to time out of habit.  The cells in your body that reproduced during the time of the injury reproduced exact replicas of themselves.  The replicas contained the information that the foot was sore and limping took the pressure off of it.  Nerve patterns transferred this information to the brain and back to the muscles that moved the foot establishing patterns that told the muscles how to behave.  It takes a little while for all of those cells to get the message that the limping is no longer useful. Energy work can help repattern these kinds of messages.  My preferred modalities for this are craniosacral therapy and Reiki combined with specific massage movements for each part of the body. I also like acupuncture and chiropractic care.
CL: Explain what a typical Reiki or energy work session involves. What are some of the positive results?

JG: A Reiki session is done with the client fully clothed and looks like a ‘laying on of hands’ for lack of a better description.  I prefer to use my massage table for this but I have been known to work on people on their sofas, easy chairs or beds, folding chairs or whatever happens to be around.  The intent is to send energy to any place that needs it and/or clear energy blockages that may be causing problems.  The first result is usually a deep relaxation.  Some people can feel the energy moving through them while others report not really feeling anything.  I have never heard of anyone having a negative reaction to Reiki. However, I have known of people who were disappointed because they expected some big emotional or physical release.  While this can and sometimes does happen, it can be a much more subtle modality and the experience is different for each person.
CL: Do you recommend having ongoing energy work done in order to help with chronic conditions, or can some conditions be resolved in one session?
JG: Yes and yes.  There are some conditions that can be and are resolved in one session while others, especially chronic ones, benefit from ongoing sessions.
CL: What motivated you to become a healer and choose these modalities for your work?
JG: I have never had a job in which I did not feel that I was helping others.  In fact, the only criteria that I have ever had for work is that it allowed me to help others.  I have worked for a major insurance company, taught special education classes, worked with blind people and with developmentally handicapped people and worked for the Texas Rehabilitation Commission before becoming a body/energy worker so I guess the progression was logical.  I first began hearing about Reiki in the early 90s when I was working the first aid crew at a music festival. I asked questions about it but nobody really wanted to tell me very much.  Then, in 1996, a friend of mine left this time/space reality via running her car into a tree.  I traveled from San Angelo to Kerrville to her memorial service and she decided to accompany me home.  She literally pestered me into taking my first Reiki classes.   (I could go on and on about how weird this all seemed in San Angelo, TX but I’ll spare you that discourse.)  I had a craniosacral session in 1998 and felt my jaw unlock while the practitioner’s hand was under my sacrum.  I just had to find out how to do that.  Since then, I just have not been able to stop exploring different modalities.  I feel that I could spend the rest of my life studying ways that the body manifests the spirit and the ways in which it can be addressed.
CL: Are types of energy work ever combined to create some new form of healing?
JG: Certainly.  I seldom use just one modality.  Sometimes I don’t even have a name for what happens in a session.  Each person has different needs and responds to different combinations of modalities.
CL: People have ideas about what kinds of therapies they need to help with certain physical issues. Do you ever counsel against using certain methodologies?
JG: This is a fairly common occurrence.  A lot of times people think they want a deep tissue massage and it is often not what their body will accept, especially if they don’t get bodywork on a regular basis.  They have just heard the term a lot and think is sounds exotic or something.  I won’t do deep work or use much pressure at all on recent injuries.  There are other contraindications for bodywork such as illness, fever, and etc. But almost anyone can have energy work at anytime.

CL: In the greater mind-body-spirit-heart connection, how does your work to influence all of these areas of life?

JG: My intent is to help the client integrate the mental/emotional experience with the physical one and to set things up so that he/she is open to healing themselves.  Yeah, I said ‘healing themselves’ because I can only facilitate the healing by creating and holding the space for it to happen.

CL: What are you reading?

JG: Just finished Eat, Pray, Love, a book I did not expect to like based on reviews that I had read but I had heard so much about it that I gave in and read it.  Loved it.  I am also reading Marriage of the Spirit by Leslie Temple-Thurston and an autobiography of Judy Collins.  I am forever picking up the Abraham-Hicks books and reading a page or two.  I keep some of those cds in my car and usually listen to one while I drive around.  I am studying the work of Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer as well.

For more information on Jackie’s work and range of services, please visit

I came across a cool little resource if you ever need a few moments to center yourself, slow down and be inspired. I particularly liked the one by Sonia Choquette titled “Your Intuitive Voice” (scroll way down) Check it out:

For all the talk on the necessity of eliminating negative thoughts and negative thought patterns, I think there is a lot of merit to being exceptionally gentle with yourself when easing into this more fluid state of being. I believe that you must make a conscious effort to be masterful with your thoughts instead of simply being at the mercy of them and living by default. It’s a wonderful state to be in when you choose to live purposefully. That said, how do you go from “this feels all wrong” to “I am at peace with what is.” How does that happen? Is it a thought away, or is it many steps? I am a word addict, and I tend to take things very much to heart. But when I go from 0 to 60 on the happiness scale when something is obviously going very much awry, it seems forced and unnatural.

So I think the answer is simple: be kind to yourself. Let yourself be a human being and experience the depths of despair, the other side of passion, the trials of grief, the fury of anger. For when we allow ourselves to live fully in those moments, we can guide our consciousness back to the core of these feelings and make important observations… “This is my karma speaking. This is my pain attacking (or being attacked) by your pain. This is the core of my separation from God. This is my uniquely human state… and it is done.” You have to be in the throes of your full emotions in order to release it once and for all. These occasions for bad feelings are gifts– they are the starting pistol to an emotional sprint that, once complete, will have served a very important purpose. So if you’re angry, be angry– but aware of what that anger or fear or panic or hostility really is. It’s a sticky web that keeps us apart from who we really are. And that’s OK. We’re here to grow, to expand, to create. Without this conflict in ourselves, there would be very little opportunity to embrace what we ultimately came here to do– move forever in the direction of truth and spirit. It’s when we emphatically and chronically repeat these episodes without any aknowledgement of its real purpose that we become stuck in destructive patterns and remain asleep to life’s potential. So I say, be gentle. Go from angry to frustrated. Then from frustrated to annoyed. Then from annoyed to confused. Then from confused to present. Then from present to acceptance. And do all of this without judgement of yourself and what you are capable (or not capable) of doing. Just do what you can, and positive thoughts powerfully multiply until transformation is upon you.

In this, the latest in the ever-growing series of Abraham-Hicks books, Money and the Law of Attraction hit some familiar high notes in its increasingly descriptive foray into the world of knowledge channeled from a group of non-physical beings called Abraham. It quickly became #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list, which doesn’t surprise me at all. There is a hunger for information regarding our part in creating the lives we live. In this latest complilation of public addresses which took place in Boston last year, readers have access to specific methodologies for aligning your vibration to what it is you want– better health, better finances, better relationships, whatever it is you are seeking. For example, Abraham goes into detail about conducting a daily 15-20 minute “workshop” which enables one to become very clear about what it is one wants. Choose a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. It’s best to use reinforcing language which puts you in a state of deep appreciation for what you already have, and then move into a deep awareness that once you’ve requested what it is you want, you do not have to ponder it again. You simply have to be excited and joyful in the knowledge that it is quickly finding its way toward you. The only thing that would prevent you from getting your request is if you consistently wonder “where is it, why isn’t it here?” This is because it is important that you are not attached to the outcome. You simply ask for what you want, be specific, feel joyful knowing that it’s already yours and literally waiting just outside of your physical grasp, and then simply expect the universe to present it. Have fun watching for signs that it’s about to appear. Where most of us trip up is in the obsessive need to “make things happen.” There is a difference between making something happen out of fear, and feeling open to inspiration and taking inspired action because it makes you feel good. I enjoyed this latest contribution to the world of understanding these powerful universal principles and appreciated the CD which came with the book.

I loved the movie Once and was incredibly pleased that Glen Hansard (of popular Irish rock band The Frames) and Markéta Irglová won Academy Awards for their song “Falling Slowly.” I think this montage is a beautiful representation of two like souls coming together to co-create from the heart. Enjoy!

I believe there is a universal dialogue that is happening all around us at every moment of every single day that we are on the physical plane. This dialogue is designed to bring us into a state of harmony, peace and prosperity in all areas of our lives. There is a dramatic unraveling of old beliefs and systems that happens when a person decides– consciously chooses– to walk in the direction of spirit. This walk is the journey back to your true self, your original nature. In many ways, we have been conditioned to ignore these signs from God, our guides, angels, universal intelligence, Source energy. As children we are surrounded by other older beings who have suffered the same addiction to paying attention to only that which is apparent to the naked eye or what people have unwittingly called “reality.” All we see is a chair, a plant, a face, a rock– a whole pictiure which we collectively and individually create. The light bouncing around this planet is the canvas of our thoughts, and we create what we see in the physical plane.

But what would happen to you, and what would happen to the story of your life if you decided that everything– even as something as solid as a tree– were simply molecules vibrating at different frequencies? What if you accepted that everything– money, people, cities, the natural world– were all vibrational extensions of the universal intelligence of which we are all very active and vibrant parts? You would understand that your thoughts give you the power to create your own world in any way you choose.

But that’s quite a leap of faith, isn’t it? Perhaps on a spiritual level this makes sense to you. Maybe even on an intellectual level this is in line with other information and teachings that you know to be true from either firsthand experience or through observation. And let’s say that you even have a sense on a deeply emotional level that you are, indeed, a child of God– a being that is so perfect, and so complete that the idea of fully accepting your power raises your vibration so intensely that it might even bring a deep, throbbing sense of relief to your whole being, or perhaps even tears of joy to your eyes.

In my experience, signs are literally everywhere. But there are two critical components to living in a world where these important signs can direct you down your holy path. Try this three part process and see if signs begin to appear in your life. I have received incredible inspiration from Sonia Choquette regarding this work, and encourage you to check out her work. If you’re open to the process, I believe you will manifest signs quickly and frequently. And this should comfort and support you in your spiritual development.

1) Ask for signs. The Universe is like a patient and wise teacher. You are never without guides, angels and non-physical teachers of every kind who are eager to help point you in the right direction. Even if you do not completely believe that signs are real, just sit quietly for a few minutes and open your heart and mind to the possibility that there are many entities waiting in the wings to be your support. Ask them for it. Try saying “I am ready and open to receiving guidance from my guides, as well as signs to point me in the direction of my dreams and greater purpose.” Because I believe that finding your purpose (and it can change a lot or a little along the way depending on what your calling is) is truly the path to prosperity in all areas of your life– relationships, money, health, everything.

2) Pay attention. I know this sounds simple and somewhat like a teacher telling her students not to slouch in class. But whether you are new to this journey or a seasoned student, being present is one of the most powerful spiritual principles that humankind has had the good fortune to embrace. As Alan Watts said, “Be here now.” In relation to this process, once you have asked for signs, move through your day expecting them to appear at any moment. Do not dismiss anything. Every person, every phone call, every e-mail, every destination, every experience has the potential for presenting a spiritual roadsign for you.

3) Act on them. So what if you’ve actually been seeing signs? Maybe you received a voicemal from a long lost friend. Call her back. She might have an offer, a piece of information, some wisdom or perhaps something physical like a job or a material possession that is trying to come your way. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with a weight issue and you find yourself stuck behind a bus in traffic with a new weight loss ad that looks intriguing. Give them a call and find out more. Maybe you’ve been struggling with your financial situation. Simply asking for a sign from the spirit world letting you know that they are there for you is just enough to reinvigorate your belief in the universe. This gives you the conviction and courage to follow your intuition and allow the universe simply to do its job. Sometimes signs are extremely simple. They are brief and powerful indicators that your guides are with you, and that God is present to take care of you and whatever you are struggling with.

Signs can do so many things, but in experience they allow me to continue to believe in the universal process and its laws. They strengthen my faith and keep me on track emotionally and intuitively. They reinforce my spiritual process and allow me to concentrate more fully on what it is I want to manifest.

So how have signs worked for me recently? Be prepared to be amazed:

1) As I recently began to work with my guides and angels, I set out a deliberate intention with them, as I do everyday now… “Send me signs that you are with me.” Two days after I began doing this, I was literally cornered by an old woman in a store full of people who came up to me and said “I need to ride down the street after I finish my shopping. My legs hurts and I would appreciate it.” I instantly told her I would absolutely take her to her destination. We met in front of the store and I helped her into the car. She told me her name was Nancy and that she felt drawn to get off at the bus stop nearby to pick some things up at the store. “I had to meet someone,” she said. “I guess that’s you.” She looked remarkably like one of my very favorite aunts– a striking resemblance, really. This aunt had taken care of me when I was a baby and toddler, and we were very close. So Nancy proceeds to tell me that she had recently given everything away– her car, her possessions, most of her worldy goods to become a missionary and to counsel people who needed spiritual guidance. She said she felt very guided by the Holy Spirit and that if she could do anything for me, to let me know. I told her she already had. I dropped her off and we parted friends.

2) The day before yesterday I checked one of my online accounts where the username that I have is accompanied by a user picture/logo that I downloaded several years ago. I’ve had this same logo in place for at least four years and never changed it. Remarkably, my logo had been mysteriously replaced with the image of the angel which is at the top of this blog entry. I scoured my account to see how this could have happened, and there was absolutely no way I did this myself. My husband was equally dumbfounded and delighted. “That is definitely a sign that you’re moving in the right direction,” he said. And I agree.

3) Today, I asked my guides to show me some blue glass. I had been disappointed recently that I had tried to manifest some peonies– one of my favorite flowers– all week. No luck. But today when I was visiting a client, I was pleasantly surprised that in the kitchen of the office were two blue glass vases in the windowsill over the sink I had never seen before… and one of them had peonies in them.

I have a variety of other examples, but the ones that are most fun are the ones you will experience in your own life. I hope you can share some of them with me!

Fear and worry were always staple emotions in my life. From earliest childhood memories to as recently as, well, today, I have struggled to deal with fear and worry crowding my otherwise very full brain. The worry of my childhood had less to do with me, and much more to do with the state of my family. I managed to “watch the circus” as the youngest member, but as I grew and demonstrated more independence, I was left to my own devices and was, subsequently, also left to take care of my own needs– both spiritual and material.

So lately I’ve been working on a daily, if not moment by moment, routine of spotting certain fearful thoughts and worrisome feelings as they arise and marking them simply as “untrue.” After all, what is there to worry about? Lack of money, lack of health, lack of affection, lack of direction? What’s the purpose of focusing on lack of anything? Does worry have a reward? Absolutely not. Worry and fear is the lack of trust in God, the universal intelligence, Source energy. When you worry and harbor fears about what might happen, or what you are absolutely convinced will happen, you leave your true self behind. Think about that. Fear and worry are conditioned responses to situations we believe we have no control over. But the reality is that we were the original creators of those experiences. Though initially that fact might not give you much comfort, it should be the single most comforting fact of your life.

You are in control of your reality… every step of the way. Because every seeming solution to every seeming problem is already available to you at each moment of your life. Negative emotions like fear and worry are obstacles to being who you really are. And who is that? Who you really are is the you that came before your conscious mind kicked in after birth and who you will be when your body dies. You are eternal. You are part of the stream of universal consciousness that is present in everyone and everything. You are not your things, your possessions, your body, your money, your status or your relationship. You are source energy, and your natural state is joy. When joy is crowded out by negative thoughts, experiences and people you pinch yourself off from that abundant flow of energy that is eager to provide you with everything you need.

So bills are due. He (or she) didn’t call. Your blood pressure is soaring. Your car broke down. So what’s the problem? Nothing. There is no problem. There is only your chosen reaction to what already is. If you worry, then you are guaranteed to either sustain or repeat the alleged problem over and over until you finally understand the single most important action you can take is to feel joyful in the face of situations that would otherwise send your reeling in despair and hopelessness. Just don’t do it. Try laughing in the direction of what pains you and you’ll understand that happiness is a choice, and those situations will soon lose power as your mind becomes focused on the limitless possibilities ahead.

I am slowly starting to figure mine out. It changes. For many years, I would simply wake up, jump out of bed in hurry, throw some clothes on, put on my coffee, check my e-mail and sort of just catapult myself into the day. Bad idea.

Now, I try to lay in bed for 5-10 minutes before I get up just envisioning the day and thinking about how I feel. If a negative “I have to do this TODAY!” feeling comes up, i gently push it aside and say, “My main goal for the day is to stay connected to source energy– to God– and to experience joy in everything I do, and everyone I interact with.” Simple. I am very fortunate that I have an upstairs balcony right off of my bedroom, so I go out there and open my arms wide to the sky and trees and proclaim out loud “I am ready for all good things to come to me!” Sure, the neighbors might have their opinions about their kooky neighbor, but on some level I’m sure they appreciate the gesture and would like to do the same.

I do a quick body check. How does my body feel, and what can I do to support its good functioning this morning. My body tells what to do, and I do it. Next, I sit down for just a few minutes and tell myself the new story of something I have been working to bring into my life. Right now, it is financial abundance. I go through how positive I feel about this money that I currently have and delight in the mysterious, serendipitous ways that it will come to me today. It’s a fun game.

Then I pull a card from my “Ask Your Guides” deck from Sonia Choquette which I find to be very gentle and accurate. The card I pull shows me how I should frame my day. It’s a wonderful resource.
That’s it! What’s your morning routine?

July 2020
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