Fear and worry were always staple emotions in my life. From earliest childhood memories to as recently as, well, today, I have struggled to deal with fear and worry crowding my otherwise very full brain. The worry of my childhood had less to do with me, and much more to do with the state of my family. I managed to “watch the circus” as the youngest member, but as I grew and demonstrated more independence, I was left to my own devices and was, subsequently, also left to take care of my own needs– both spiritual and material.

So lately I’ve been working on a daily, if not moment by moment, routine of spotting certain fearful thoughts and worrisome feelings as they arise and marking them simply as “untrue.” After all, what is there to worry about? Lack of money, lack of health, lack of affection, lack of direction? What’s the purpose of focusing on lack of anything? Does worry have a reward? Absolutely not. Worry and fear is the lack of trust in God, the universal intelligence, Source energy. When you worry and harbor fears about what might happen, or what you are absolutely convinced will happen, you leave your true self behind. Think about that. Fear and worry are conditioned responses to situations we believe we have no control over. But the reality is that we were the original creators of those experiences. Though initially that fact might not give you much comfort, it should be the single most comforting fact of your life.

You are in control of your reality… every step of the way. Because every seeming solution to every seeming problem is already available to you at each moment of your life. Negative emotions like fear and worry are obstacles to being who you really are. And who is that? Who you really are is the you that came before your conscious mind kicked in after birth and who you will be when your body dies. You are eternal. You are part of the stream of universal consciousness that is present in everyone and everything. You are not your things, your possessions, your body, your money, your status or your relationship. You are source energy, and your natural state is joy. When joy is crowded out by negative thoughts, experiences and people you pinch yourself off from that abundant flow of energy that is eager to provide you with everything you need.

So bills are due. He (or she) didn’t call. Your blood pressure is soaring. Your car broke down. So what’s the problem? Nothing. There is no problem. There is only your chosen reaction to what already is. If you worry, then you are guaranteed to either sustain or repeat the alleged problem over and over until you finally understand the single most important action you can take is to feel joyful in the face of situations that would otherwise send your reeling in despair and hopelessness. Just don’t do it. Try laughing in the direction of what pains you and you’ll understand that happiness is a choice, and those situations will soon lose power as your mind becomes focused on the limitless possibilities ahead.