I am slowly starting to figure mine out. It changes. For many years, I would simply wake up, jump out of bed in hurry, throw some clothes on, put on my coffee, check my e-mail and sort of just catapult myself into the day. Bad idea.

Now, I try to lay in bed for 5-10 minutes before I get up just envisioning the day and thinking about how I feel. If a negative “I have to do this TODAY!” feeling comes up, i gently push it aside and say, “My main goal for the day is to stay connected to source energy– to God– and to experience joy in everything I do, and everyone I interact with.” Simple. I am very fortunate that I have an upstairs balcony right off of my bedroom, so I go out there and open my arms wide to the sky and trees and proclaim out loud “I am ready for all good things to come to me!” Sure, the neighbors might have their opinions about their kooky neighbor, but on some level I’m sure they appreciate the gesture and would like to do the same.

I do a quick body check. How does my body feel, and what can I do to support its good functioning this morning. My body tells what to do, and I do it. Next, I sit down for just a few minutes and tell myself the new story of something I have been working to bring into my life. Right now, it is financial abundance. I go through how positive I feel about this money that I currently have and delight in the mysterious, serendipitous ways that it will come to me today. It’s a fun game.

Then I pull a card from my “Ask Your Guides” deck from Sonia Choquette which I find to be very gentle and accurate. The card I pull shows me how I should frame my day. It’s a wonderful resource.
That’s it! What’s your morning routine?