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From time to time I will post videos and images that will instantly help you raise your vibration to a much more joyful state. Take a moment to do a periodic “gut check” and feel whatever you are feeling in the moment. If you’re feeling negative, that’s OK. You can instantly re-establish your spiritual equilibrium with the help of nice music, a period of short meditation, being in nature, or something like this…

I am slowly starting to figure mine out. It changes. For many years, I would simply wake up, jump out of bed in hurry, throw some clothes on, put on my coffee, check my e-mail and sort of just catapult myself into the day. Bad idea.

Now, I try to lay in bed for 5-10 minutes before I get up just envisioning the day and thinking about how I feel. If a negative “I have to do this TODAY!” feeling comes up, i gently push it aside and say, “My main goal for the day is to stay connected to source energy– to God– and to experience joy in everything I do, and everyone I interact with.” Simple. I am very fortunate that I have an upstairs balcony right off of my bedroom, so I go out there and open my arms wide to the sky and trees and proclaim out loud “I am ready for all good things to come to me!” Sure, the neighbors might have their opinions about their kooky neighbor, but on some level I’m sure they appreciate the gesture and would like to do the same.

I do a quick body check. How does my body feel, and what can I do to support its good functioning this morning. My body tells what to do, and I do it. Next, I sit down for just a few minutes and tell myself the new story of something I have been working to bring into my life. Right now, it is financial abundance. I go through how positive I feel about this money that I currently have and delight in the mysterious, serendipitous ways that it will come to me today. It’s a fun game.

Then I pull a card from my “Ask Your Guides” deck from Sonia Choquette which I find to be very gentle and accurate. The card I pull shows me how I should frame my day. It’s a wonderful resource.
That’s it! What’s your morning routine?

I was inspired to start this blog after realizing that I had four books crowding my large bag which I was hauling everywhere: Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks; You Can Heal Your Body by Louise Hay; Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette; and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I felt as though I had stumbled into a realization that had been lingering in me for so long… there is no one way to go. Every person has the ability to cobble together a spiritual perspective that defines an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind journey. For me, it has come through books, CDs, formal spiritual traditions and group gatherings that gently and easily pry open new levels of experience and awareness. For example, as I began to immerse myself in the Teachings of Abraham, there were a few concepts that resonated with me so strongly, that it lifted by vibrational energy instantly and I felt compelled to dig deeper. Specifically, I loved the idea of having direct access to non-physical entities (guides, angels, spirits, whatever you feel comfortable calling them) that I had to find out more. I had always instinctively felt that I was blessed with unusually strong intuitive powers, but I never made the outward connection that this might have to do with guides, and not the strong internal dialogue I had always possessed. Concurrently, I was reading the classic thought=reality treatise, Think and Grow Rich, and felt confirmed that many of my natural business and career practices felt nicely in line with what the book was offering: a sincere, authentic, and passionate pursuit of discovering who you really are, and reaping the benefits of dissolving years of conditioned thinking that resulted only in restrictive beliefs and actions like “I don’t know how to do this, so I won’t” or “I’m not good enough to think about having this.” The social pressures certainly began in childhood, were reinforced in school, and solidified through the media and society at large. So it’s been quite a relief to know that the conditioning one experiences can be extingushed simply through your own thoughts.

This blog is called “Current Living” because on this physical journey, I believe it’s imperative that we do everything we can– moment by moment– to live with the current, not against it, as the Hicks say. That means, never buck the current of your own emotions. Do things that feel good. When you are experiencing a negative emotion– anger, fear, worry, resentment– you are cut off from your true self. But don’t worry. You can slowly climb up the ladder of emotions in an authentic and real way, that is not stressful or produces any self-judgement. You can let that go. Working little by little (in a way that makes you feel good) will remind you of the power that you inherently have to be yourself and, consequently, connect to the universal power of love, prosperity, abundance and joy. Your natural state is joy. I like remembering that. Let yourself be human, for that’s what you are at this point in time and space. Enjoy being human until your body departs this world. You will not be returning to universal consciousness, you already have access to this at every moment of every day. And when you acknowledge worry, fear, disease, stress, anger, hate, jealousy and any other negative emotion as signals that you are not being who you really are, you’ll experience the amazing power of living presently and being in control of where your thoughts will lead you.

August 2008
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