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I loved the movie Once and was incredibly pleased that Glen Hansard (of popular Irish rock band The Frames) and Markéta Irglová won Academy Awards for their song “Falling Slowly.” I think this montage is a beautiful representation of two like souls coming together to co-create from the heart. Enjoy!

I believe there is a universal dialogue that is happening all around us at every moment of every single day that we are on the physical plane. This dialogue is designed to bring us into a state of harmony, peace and prosperity in all areas of our lives. There is a dramatic unraveling of old beliefs and systems that happens when a person decides– consciously chooses– to walk in the direction of spirit. This walk is the journey back to your true self, your original nature. In many ways, we have been conditioned to ignore these signs from God, our guides, angels, universal intelligence, Source energy. As children we are surrounded by other older beings who have suffered the same addiction to paying attention to only that which is apparent to the naked eye or what people have unwittingly called “reality.” All we see is a chair, a plant, a face, a rock– a whole pictiure which we collectively and individually create. The light bouncing around this planet is the canvas of our thoughts, and we create what we see in the physical plane.

But what would happen to you, and what would happen to the story of your life if you decided that everything– even as something as solid as a tree– were simply molecules vibrating at different frequencies? What if you accepted that everything– money, people, cities, the natural world– were all vibrational extensions of the universal intelligence of which we are all very active and vibrant parts? You would understand that your thoughts give you the power to create your own world in any way you choose.

But that’s quite a leap of faith, isn’t it? Perhaps on a spiritual level this makes sense to you. Maybe even on an intellectual level this is in line with other information and teachings that you know to be true from either firsthand experience or through observation. And let’s say that you even have a sense on a deeply emotional level that you are, indeed, a child of God– a being that is so perfect, and so complete that the idea of fully accepting your power raises your vibration so intensely that it might even bring a deep, throbbing sense of relief to your whole being, or perhaps even tears of joy to your eyes.

In my experience, signs are literally everywhere. But there are two critical components to living in a world where these important signs can direct you down your holy path. Try this three part process and see if signs begin to appear in your life. I have received incredible inspiration from Sonia Choquette regarding this work, and encourage you to check out her work. If you’re open to the process, I believe you will manifest signs quickly and frequently. And this should comfort and support you in your spiritual development.

1) Ask for signs. The Universe is like a patient and wise teacher. You are never without guides, angels and non-physical teachers of every kind who are eager to help point you in the right direction. Even if you do not completely believe that signs are real, just sit quietly for a few minutes and open your heart and mind to the possibility that there are many entities waiting in the wings to be your support. Ask them for it. Try saying “I am ready and open to receiving guidance from my guides, as well as signs to point me in the direction of my dreams and greater purpose.” Because I believe that finding your purpose (and it can change a lot or a little along the way depending on what your calling is) is truly the path to prosperity in all areas of your life– relationships, money, health, everything.

2) Pay attention. I know this sounds simple and somewhat like a teacher telling her students not to slouch in class. But whether you are new to this journey or a seasoned student, being present is one of the most powerful spiritual principles that humankind has had the good fortune to embrace. As Alan Watts said, “Be here now.” In relation to this process, once you have asked for signs, move through your day expecting them to appear at any moment. Do not dismiss anything. Every person, every phone call, every e-mail, every destination, every experience has the potential for presenting a spiritual roadsign for you.

3) Act on them. So what if you’ve actually been seeing signs? Maybe you received a voicemal from a long lost friend. Call her back. She might have an offer, a piece of information, some wisdom or perhaps something physical like a job or a material possession that is trying to come your way. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with a weight issue and you find yourself stuck behind a bus in traffic with a new weight loss ad that looks intriguing. Give them a call and find out more. Maybe you’ve been struggling with your financial situation. Simply asking for a sign from the spirit world letting you know that they are there for you is just enough to reinvigorate your belief in the universe. This gives you the conviction and courage to follow your intuition and allow the universe simply to do its job. Sometimes signs are extremely simple. They are brief and powerful indicators that your guides are with you, and that God is present to take care of you and whatever you are struggling with.

Signs can do so many things, but in experience they allow me to continue to believe in the universal process and its laws. They strengthen my faith and keep me on track emotionally and intuitively. They reinforce my spiritual process and allow me to concentrate more fully on what it is I want to manifest.

So how have signs worked for me recently? Be prepared to be amazed:

1) As I recently began to work with my guides and angels, I set out a deliberate intention with them, as I do everyday now… “Send me signs that you are with me.” Two days after I began doing this, I was literally cornered by an old woman in a store full of people who came up to me and said “I need to ride down the street after I finish my shopping. My legs hurts and I would appreciate it.” I instantly told her I would absolutely take her to her destination. We met in front of the store and I helped her into the car. She told me her name was Nancy and that she felt drawn to get off at the bus stop nearby to pick some things up at the store. “I had to meet someone,” she said. “I guess that’s you.” She looked remarkably like one of my very favorite aunts– a striking resemblance, really. This aunt had taken care of me when I was a baby and toddler, and we were very close. So Nancy proceeds to tell me that she had recently given everything away– her car, her possessions, most of her worldy goods to become a missionary and to counsel people who needed spiritual guidance. She said she felt very guided by the Holy Spirit and that if she could do anything for me, to let me know. I told her she already had. I dropped her off and we parted friends.

2) The day before yesterday I checked one of my online accounts where the username that I have is accompanied by a user picture/logo that I downloaded several years ago. I’ve had this same logo in place for at least four years and never changed it. Remarkably, my logo had been mysteriously replaced with the image of the angel which is at the top of this blog entry. I scoured my account to see how this could have happened, and there was absolutely no way I did this myself. My husband was equally dumbfounded and delighted. “That is definitely a sign that you’re moving in the right direction,” he said. And I agree.

3) Today, I asked my guides to show me some blue glass. I had been disappointed recently that I had tried to manifest some peonies– one of my favorite flowers– all week. No luck. But today when I was visiting a client, I was pleasantly surprised that in the kitchen of the office were two blue glass vases in the windowsill over the sink I had never seen before… and one of them had peonies in them.

I have a variety of other examples, but the ones that are most fun are the ones you will experience in your own life. I hope you can share some of them with me!

Fear and worry were always staple emotions in my life. From earliest childhood memories to as recently as, well, today, I have struggled to deal with fear and worry crowding my otherwise very full brain. The worry of my childhood had less to do with me, and much more to do with the state of my family. I managed to “watch the circus” as the youngest member, but as I grew and demonstrated more independence, I was left to my own devices and was, subsequently, also left to take care of my own needs– both spiritual and material.

So lately I’ve been working on a daily, if not moment by moment, routine of spotting certain fearful thoughts and worrisome feelings as they arise and marking them simply as “untrue.” After all, what is there to worry about? Lack of money, lack of health, lack of affection, lack of direction? What’s the purpose of focusing on lack of anything? Does worry have a reward? Absolutely not. Worry and fear is the lack of trust in God, the universal intelligence, Source energy. When you worry and harbor fears about what might happen, or what you are absolutely convinced will happen, you leave your true self behind. Think about that. Fear and worry are conditioned responses to situations we believe we have no control over. But the reality is that we were the original creators of those experiences. Though initially that fact might not give you much comfort, it should be the single most comforting fact of your life.

You are in control of your reality… every step of the way. Because every seeming solution to every seeming problem is already available to you at each moment of your life. Negative emotions like fear and worry are obstacles to being who you really are. And who is that? Who you really are is the you that came before your conscious mind kicked in after birth and who you will be when your body dies. You are eternal. You are part of the stream of universal consciousness that is present in everyone and everything. You are not your things, your possessions, your body, your money, your status or your relationship. You are source energy, and your natural state is joy. When joy is crowded out by negative thoughts, experiences and people you pinch yourself off from that abundant flow of energy that is eager to provide you with everything you need.

So bills are due. He (or she) didn’t call. Your blood pressure is soaring. Your car broke down. So what’s the problem? Nothing. There is no problem. There is only your chosen reaction to what already is. If you worry, then you are guaranteed to either sustain or repeat the alleged problem over and over until you finally understand the single most important action you can take is to feel joyful in the face of situations that would otherwise send your reeling in despair and hopelessness. Just don’t do it. Try laughing in the direction of what pains you and you’ll understand that happiness is a choice, and those situations will soon lose power as your mind becomes focused on the limitless possibilities ahead.

From time to time I will post videos and images that will instantly help you raise your vibration to a much more joyful state. Take a moment to do a periodic “gut check” and feel whatever you are feeling in the moment. If you’re feeling negative, that’s OK. You can instantly re-establish your spiritual equilibrium with the help of nice music, a period of short meditation, being in nature, or something like this…

I am slowly starting to figure mine out. It changes. For many years, I would simply wake up, jump out of bed in hurry, throw some clothes on, put on my coffee, check my e-mail and sort of just catapult myself into the day. Bad idea.

Now, I try to lay in bed for 5-10 minutes before I get up just envisioning the day and thinking about how I feel. If a negative “I have to do this TODAY!” feeling comes up, i gently push it aside and say, “My main goal for the day is to stay connected to source energy– to God– and to experience joy in everything I do, and everyone I interact with.” Simple. I am very fortunate that I have an upstairs balcony right off of my bedroom, so I go out there and open my arms wide to the sky and trees and proclaim out loud “I am ready for all good things to come to me!” Sure, the neighbors might have their opinions about their kooky neighbor, but on some level I’m sure they appreciate the gesture and would like to do the same.

I do a quick body check. How does my body feel, and what can I do to support its good functioning this morning. My body tells what to do, and I do it. Next, I sit down for just a few minutes and tell myself the new story of something I have been working to bring into my life. Right now, it is financial abundance. I go through how positive I feel about this money that I currently have and delight in the mysterious, serendipitous ways that it will come to me today. It’s a fun game.

Then I pull a card from my “Ask Your Guides” deck from Sonia Choquette which I find to be very gentle and accurate. The card I pull shows me how I should frame my day. It’s a wonderful resource.
That’s it! What’s your morning routine?

I was inspired to start this blog after realizing that I had four books crowding my large bag which I was hauling everywhere: Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks; You Can Heal Your Body by Louise Hay; Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette; and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I felt as though I had stumbled into a realization that had been lingering in me for so long… there is no one way to go. Every person has the ability to cobble together a spiritual perspective that defines an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind journey. For me, it has come through books, CDs, formal spiritual traditions and group gatherings that gently and easily pry open new levels of experience and awareness. For example, as I began to immerse myself in the Teachings of Abraham, there were a few concepts that resonated with me so strongly, that it lifted by vibrational energy instantly and I felt compelled to dig deeper. Specifically, I loved the idea of having direct access to non-physical entities (guides, angels, spirits, whatever you feel comfortable calling them) that I had to find out more. I had always instinctively felt that I was blessed with unusually strong intuitive powers, but I never made the outward connection that this might have to do with guides, and not the strong internal dialogue I had always possessed. Concurrently, I was reading the classic thought=reality treatise, Think and Grow Rich, and felt confirmed that many of my natural business and career practices felt nicely in line with what the book was offering: a sincere, authentic, and passionate pursuit of discovering who you really are, and reaping the benefits of dissolving years of conditioned thinking that resulted only in restrictive beliefs and actions like “I don’t know how to do this, so I won’t” or “I’m not good enough to think about having this.” The social pressures certainly began in childhood, were reinforced in school, and solidified through the media and society at large. So it’s been quite a relief to know that the conditioning one experiences can be extingushed simply through your own thoughts.

This blog is called “Current Living” because on this physical journey, I believe it’s imperative that we do everything we can– moment by moment– to live with the current, not against it, as the Hicks say. That means, never buck the current of your own emotions. Do things that feel good. When you are experiencing a negative emotion– anger, fear, worry, resentment– you are cut off from your true self. But don’t worry. You can slowly climb up the ladder of emotions in an authentic and real way, that is not stressful or produces any self-judgement. You can let that go. Working little by little (in a way that makes you feel good) will remind you of the power that you inherently have to be yourself and, consequently, connect to the universal power of love, prosperity, abundance and joy. Your natural state is joy. I like remembering that. Let yourself be human, for that’s what you are at this point in time and space. Enjoy being human until your body departs this world. You will not be returning to universal consciousness, you already have access to this at every moment of every day. And when you acknowledge worry, fear, disease, stress, anger, hate, jealousy and any other negative emotion as signals that you are not being who you really are, you’ll experience the amazing power of living presently and being in control of where your thoughts will lead you.

August 2008
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